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The Face of An Angel


(Formerly "He That Is Without Sin")


One of the advantages of finally getting some free time is being able to reflect on experiences.

A male student in one of my classes -- a student known to have personal problems and who had some scrapes with authorities -- wanted to do a video on his favorite TV star.

It was an unusual request, so we talked about it after class. He said he had taped hours of this young woman's TV shows that he could assemble for the project.

It became clear that he was smitten by her and at one point he very uncharacteristically said, "I think this is how angels are supposed to look."

Seeing how the idea generated some badly needed enthusiasm, I said okay, but I emphasized that his video couldn't consist of just a collection of shots of her, but it had to include some "glue" -- some meaty biographical information.

new paragraphA few days later he said he had changed his mind about the video. In doing his research he found out that she had serious spats with co-stars and had even briefly served jail time. He said, "She's not the person I thought she was."  That not only left him thoroughly dejected but without a video project.

His "angel" had crashed to the ground. He looked crestfallen and he had lost all motivation for doing the video -- any video.

I said, "Maybe you shouldn't judge her too harshly; none of us is perfect. A famous man once said. "He who is without sin should cast the first stone."

He thought about that in silence for a few moments. "So I guess you're saying, if I'm not perfect, why should I expect her to be? So maybe that just makes her more like me."

new paragraphA week later he turned in his video on her, and in the biographical narration was the phrase, "She's not perfect, but neither are any of us."