Module 70


Updated: 01/23/2016





A Final Word



 With Module 70, we come to the end of this TV production course.

These modules have been designed to cover all of the essential tools of the trade.

As critical as these tools are, keep in mind that television productions that win awards and provide audiences with ideas, information, and lasting impressions, involve much more than a knowledge of the basic tools. This  -- beyond the basics discussion sheds light on that.

This is a work in progress.

Nothing related to a dynamic and rapidly changing field such as TV production can not afford to stand still.

If you check back in a few weeks or months, you will note that new ideas and techniques have been added to the modules. Therefore, reviewing the material from time to time will not only keep the material fresh in your mind, but it will enable you to keep you up to date on new developments.

If you find a problem with the content, a broken link, something that differs from what you've read elsewhere, or if spelling or grammatical errors have slipped through, I would appreciate your bringing it to my attention.

Finally, you may recall that this free cyberbook has one string attached.  

If you use this material in developing your talent to produce effective television programming, you need to "pay" for the material by at least once producing something to improve conditions in our world.

If you need some ideas  -- consider this.

If you don't go into the field professionally, here is your "price."

A textbook of this type would cost at least $60 (actually, much more, with all the color illustrations). Consider your time worth $20 an hour and devote at least three hours in doing something positive and totally selfless for some person or agency.

That's it.

If you do either of these, you've paid for the material and your conscience will be clear.

Here's wishing you great success in your chosen field.

Ron Whittaker, Ph.D.,
Professor of Broadcasting

Copyright Notice

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The English, Spanish, and Portuguese modules and illustrations are protected by U.S. and international copyright law. To print them out for distribution, link only to one or more images, to download them into a server, or reproduce these materials in any other form is a violation of copyright.

Please see this link for additional copyright information. This forum letter also has related information.

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