Updated: 12/05/2010

Changes to Interactive Tests

Some modifications in the testing program have been made to help with security. If the tests are taken in a classroom, a security code can be given to the whole class or to each student individually. There is a place to enter these at the top of the tests.

The security codes can be any assigned number or word that can be associated with the specific group or person when the test is given. If results of the tests and printed out in the classroom and handed in would be a system that would be hard to circumvent (although never say never!).

Links to all of the interactive tests are available here.

Information on these tests, including instructor guides are available to qualified instructors by .

Whatever happened to the system of sending test
results to the students and instructors?

For several years we used a system of having students take tests online and the graded test results, along with a list of questions answered wrong, would be sent by e-mail to both the instructor and the student involved.

A great idea, but —

Internet problems sometimes intervened. Students would regularly write saying they took a test and it never arrived in the instructor's mail box. Although some of the problems resulted from typos in e-mail addresses, others seemed to result from Internet problems.

In one case the tests of an entire class at one school disappeared into cyberspace when some problem developed. (You wouldn't have wanted to be there for the response to that!)

Added to that was the fact that the e-mail program was being used by spammers to send out hundreds of spam messages.

For these reasons, this system was discontinued and, for now, we've gone back to a more reliable and secure approach.

At the same time many browsers give you the option of sending pages (including test result pages) to an e-mail address. Although results can be altered, just sending this page indicates that the student has in some way attended to the tests. The more trusted and secure approach, of course, should wait until in-class testing. 

In addition to the Interactive tests, the word squares, the interactive matching quizzes, and the interactive crossword puzzle links at the bottom of modules, there are several tests that instructors can get by and showing that you are an instructor (and not a student looking for test answers).

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