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(Note: The sites listed change rapidly to keep pace with competition, so you will want to check on revisions to the information provided.

TV Programs On Line

>>For network television shows the best places to start are their home Web sites including,, and, where shows are often posted within 24 hours of being shown on television. Lawn laptop

For movies the first choice is Netflix, which offers hundreds, if not thousands. of movies and documentaries for a nominal monthly fee. 

Social Networking

Not to be engaged in during class! No!

1. Flicker app. Afree, photo sharing app built on the Mazola/Firefox code with many built in social networking links and features.  They include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (see below), Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Flickr, and assorted blogging tools.

2. Facebook. With a billion of daily accesses Facebook, the free site that let's you stay in touch with your friends with notes and photos.  There are many third-party add-ons available to enhance the experience.

It is possible to block access to certain of your photos on Facebook. This article from the New York Times, discusses them.

3. Twitter is a hybrid between blogging and text messaging. Limited to 140 characters of text, (although there is rumor this will expand).

News items often appear on Twitter as
tweets" before they appear in the mainstream media.  Twitter has many options and add-ons that most people don't know about. This article from the New York Times, discusses them.

4. MySpace is billed as, "a popular social networking web site offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos for teenagers and adults internationally."  It's headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California and is owned by News Corporation. The popularity of MySpace has declined as other options have become dominant. Even so, it has one of the most modern interfaces.

Telephone Service Via the Internet

  Skype enables you to make telephone calls -- even international calls -- free of charge via the Internet .

Originally, the quality was marginal but in recent years the software has been improved to the point that the quality exceeds that of the standard telephone service.

Post and View Videos

 YouTube ( -- Maximum video length 10 min. This by far is the most popular video-hosting site around -- but in some ways not the best.

The videos often leave a lot to be desired -- in terms of quality and sometimes in terms of taste.  Watch out for the commentary -- it often gets pretty bad -- even a bit psychotic. Even so, the site it easy to use and includes many amenities (and you can turn off the comments).

In mid 2008 YouTube announced they were going to expand into featuring selected short, independent films in "The Screening Room."

Internet Video Sources

>> There are many sources for video on the Internet, of course.  Some have strong restrictions on use, others don't.

A good place to start is, which a writer for The Wall Street Journal says is, "...the best Web-wide video-search engine I've seen."

General Information on Everything

>> Although at times criticized for being "open-sourced" (both a strength and a weakness), Wikipedia has the largest collection of general information on the Internet. If you need to know about something, it'll undoubtedly be there.

Some people object to Wikipedia as a source because anyone can write and update articles. Although this is largely true, at the same time there are safeguards built into Wikipedia, not to mention a few many million critics who can catch and fix any supposed errors.

The Latest News

>> is one of the most authoritative sources of news on the Internet. It is well organized with minimized advertising that doesn't interrupt your reading. A great "first stop" for finding out what's going on.

>> BBC news has been recognized as the most authoritative, and many people around the world feel it is the most objective news source. The British Broadcasting Company's one-minute summary of world news is a popular feature.

>> The Canadian Broadcasting System also has a comprehensive and authoritative perspective on world news.

Starting Your Own Internet TV Station

>> Many people are starting their own Internet TV stations using capabilities offered on such sites as UStream.

This can be as simple as one camera and microphone (probably a bit boring!), or two or more cameras, a switcher, and an audio mixer, supplemented by a few friends recruited to help out.

Although things can get a bit complicated technically with analog, digital, STDV and HDTV, flash, Dolby, etc, web sites such as Leo LaPorte's, offer podcasts discussions from his radio show on a wide range of topics, including web telecasting. LaPorte has a quite a bit of information on this topic, but since it's always changing, you will have to search for it and pull it together. 


Cyber Bullying

>>Some social Internet sites such as the popular warn readers about cyber bullying. They highlight the case Meganof Megan, a young woman who was driven to take her own life after people persisted in publishing demeaning things about her on one of these sites.

This is not the only time this has happened.  Although afterwards those responsible may claim, "it was all a joke," unless they are rather calloused and unfeeling individuals, they will face a lifetime of guilt. We often don't know the internal struggles that may already be going on inside a person. 

Cyber bullying can push these people over the edge. Bullying appears to have been a factor in recent gun-related school massacres. If you know of incidents of bullying -- either on the Internet or elsewhere -- tell someone in authority about it.

You can also check out the links below.


>> A reader sent in links to two sites that provide excellent help for teens:

The first one helps you break the smoking habit:

The second one, Saving Teens In Crisis, is designed to improve teen and family wellbeing.

Finally, good Travel site: scans more than 200 other travel sites to get you the best prices on flights, hotels, rental cars, and cruises. Surprisingly efficient in getting you the best deals.

  • There is evidence that the Internet has significantly changed the reading habits of this "Internet generation."  This is both good and bad, as outlined in this article.


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