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This is a complete, free, award-winning course in television production. laptop computer It consists of 70 interactive modules with more than 100 associated files, four types of tests, more than 800 color illustrations, and sound files.

You don't need to be in a formal class to go through this television course, but most who take it are. Those using the course range from high school and college students to employees working in a variety of television related fields.

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The author of the media related materials, Dr. Ron Whittaker, has taught at three universities and has worked as a producer-director and newscaster for several TV stations in the United States and Canada. He has published textbooks in the field and more than 100 professional articles.

>> The Notices and Revisions file has important information for instructors and those needing an overall perspective the features of the modules, plus the FAQ file has additional information on the materials and their use. Information on testing can be found here. The Forum contains general information, mostly in response to e-mail comments and questions over all of the materials on these sites.

To take advantage of the many interactive features on this site you must have Java enabled in your browser.

A topic and key word search system is built in to facilitate finding information. There is special information available for Students and Instructors.

>> There is extensive help and suggestions for teaching the course, plus tests and test answers available by writing the author.  To get through spam filters you need to use e-mail subject line: FROM CYBERCOLLEGE. You also need to include some form of Certificate of Completionverification that you are an instructor. (See e-mail link below.)

Instructors may elect to award Certificates of Completion. The Instructor Information has details. 

Many instructors find the sample syllabus helpful. Suggested information for instructors on conducting classes can be found here. There is also a sample schedule.

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