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"Underwater Explorations" will be a weekly, 30-minute studio production featuring guests supplying their own video or film footage of their underwater exploits around the world.

The proposed host for the show is Dr. Steve Adams, who has an established track record with us and WCFX-TV for doing marine specials. Each week he will have a new guest with new experiences.

Given the numerous people within our seacoast broadcast area who regularly document their diving expeditions, we will have no trouble finding guests with exciting footage and stories to tell.  In particular we want to feature in-studio close-ups of artifacts that have been salvaged during underwater expeditions.

Initially, two guests who have documented the discovery of sunken ships are interested in appearing. In addition, we want to feature experts in marine life from the local university who have dramatic and colorful digital footage of a wide variety of underwater life forms. 

Dave's Dive Shop and Marty's Marine Supply have tentatively committed as sponsors.  Numerous other potential sponsors also exist within our broadcast area.

Production costs would be minimal. The production could be done "live-on-tape" on Wednesday evenings in Studio B with three cameras — one typically reserved for tabletop close-ups of exhibits.  Dr. Adams indicates he would be willing to host/produce the show for $950 per program. Our initial contract with Dr. Adams would be for 13 shows.

Although the guests would appear without compensation, the potential sponsors have indicated that they would give the guests gifts in exchange for on-air acknowledgments. 

The Sunday afternoon broadcast time slot now occupied by What In the World?, (which concludes April 2nd,) seems most appropriate, although the final decision on this would be up to Programming. 

Initially, the show would be done in three blocks:

Block #1 - Introduction of the guest; overview of the day's topic with a brief look at footage and exhibits. (about 7 min.)

Commercial break.

Block #2 - Discussion of the topic, primarily VO [voice over] concentrating on underwater footage and in-studio close-ups of artifacts.

Commercial break.

Block #3 - Discussion and conclusion, again primarily VO concentrating on underwater footage and in-studio close-ups of artifacts.

>>As commercial support increased we would have the option of going to four blocks separated by three commercial breaks.

Dr. Adams has already been contacted by WCFX-TV about doing another special for them.  If he hosted "Underwater Explorations," we would obviously prefer him to be under exclusive contract with us for the duration of the series.  He has agreed to wait 30-days for our decision on "Underwater Explorations."

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