Updated 04/08/2012 

Can you get a job in production without computer skills?

For the sake of your future, "computer phobia" is a phobia that needs to be cured.


Computers everywhere you in audio and video production.

Macs are great but more than 90% of computers are Windows based.




division markerOne of my former students recently relayed this story about trying to find a job.

We'll call her Dawn.Dawn at Computer

Dawn graduated several years ago.  She had been a successful model and employment had not been a problem -- until recently.

When Dawn finally had to start trying to find another type of  job, she found in interview after interview that computer literacy (familiarity with a computer and major computer programs) was a prerequisite to employment.

Since Dawn had been a bit computer phobic while in college -- our school didn't require computer literacy at that time -- she managed to get a degree without confronting a computer.

After months of searching for a job, Dawn had to admit that sidestepping computer literacy hadn't been a good idea.  She then enrolled in a computer course at an adult vocational school.

division markerIronically, although she had been computer phobic, she took to computers so much that after about a year she opened her own computer-based business.

And, no, I'm not making this up!Computer Literacy

division markerAround every corner in TV stations and production facilities today you'll see desktop and laptop computers. They are on the desk of the receptionist when you enter the building, on the desks of sales and continuity employees, on every desk in the TV newsroom, in editing bays, and even in production control rooms.

Many people prefer Apple or Mac computers, and there are some good reasons for that.  But you should know that more than 90% of businesses in the U.S. and the world use the Windows operating system -- and there are some very good reasons for that too.

What's that's old saying, "a word to the wise"?

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