Updated: 09/01/2013



Media Use and Today's Youth

A  Kaiser Family Foundation study has found that youth from 8 to 18 spend almost every waking moment outside of school on the Internet, watching TV, listening to music on MP3 players, texting, or using some other electronic device.

Although that "only" totals about seven and one-half hours a day, because of multitasking the total adds up to about eleven hours a day. This total jumped about one and one-half hours a day since 2005

The graph below shows the relative use of each.

Watching TV * (240 min.)redbar
Listening to Music (151 min.)redbar
Text Messaging (90 min.) ** redbar
Non-school Computer Use (89 min.)redbar
Playing Video Games (73 min.)redbar
Talking on Cell Phones (33 min.)redbar

 *The "watching TV" category above includes playbacks of recorded TV programs from DVRs, HuLu, Amazon, Netflix, etc.

This is primarily to "time-shift" programming and to bypass the commercials that, in one form or another, have now risen to about one-third of program content. 

** Since this was written there are indications that the amount of time spent texting has gone up and the amount of time spent talking on cell phones has gone down.  

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