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The Politics of Inequality

In case they missed this in their social studies class, your readers might be interested in some recent U.S. facts from Retro vs. Metro based on dividing the United States into two major sections.

The Northern Cost, the West Coast and the Great Lakes States The South, the Great Plains, the Mountain West, and Appalachia
Pays 71% of federal taxes; 65% of population
Pays 29% of federal taxes; 35% of population
In 10 years paid out far more in taxes than it got back from Washington
In 10 years got far more in tax money from Washington than it paid in
235 Nobel Laureates in science and economics
23 Nobel Laureates in science and economics
Majority do not believe Bible is literal word of God
Majority do believe the Bible is the literal word of God
Economy primarily based on non-subsided manufacturing and services.
Economy primarily based on subsidized extraction industries. Has majority of military installations

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