Education, Race and Internet

Use For Sources of News

 A reader recently questioned the relationship between education and Internet use, in particular citing the graph showing that college students now get the majority of their news and information from the Internet.

Although the relationship may come as a surprise to some people, the evidence is clear.

I'll reproduce graphs that illustrate this from three perspectives.

Note in the graph on the left below that while only about 22% of people without a high school education use the Internet, almost 90% of people with a college education regularly surf the Net. The graph on the right shows that Internet use almost doubles according to race.

Many people feel that because of the personal and vocational advantages inherent in Internet and electronic communication proficiency, the disparity between the "haves" and the "have nots" is now being accelerated.

This clearly carries a message for countries and schools that prohibit or discourage Internet use.

Within the United States Internet access varies greatly.  The chart below shows the disparity between the states.

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