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KB Kilobyte A computer term for a unit of data. Although commonly translated as 1,000 bytes, it is actually 1,024 bytes.

Kelvin scale Unit of measurement used in TV lighting which indicates the color temperature of a light source.

key  Luminance key.  Picture combining effect where the dark parts of one video source are replaced with video from another camera's picture.

key card A camera card with white lettering on a black background commonly used to add (key in) titles and other written material over a over a background scene.

key clip A control on a video effects unit used to set the threshold level for color or luminance keying.

key light The brightest frontal light on a scene. A light which establishes the form, dimension and overall appearance of a subject.

key source A video source keyed into background video.

key words The more important words within sentences which, when emphasized, more effectively convey essential meaning.

keyboard The primary input device for a computer containing alphanumeric and other keys which activate specific computer functions.

keyed-in time-code As opposed to burned-in time code, SMPTE time code numbers electronically and temporarily keyed over background video.

keystoning Optical distortion of a picture, especially apparent in parallel lines, due to shooting subject matter at an angle not perpendicular to lens axis.

kicker, kicker light A light typically placed between the backlight and the fill lights. Sometimes used to simulate the light from a window behind a subject.

kilobyte (K or kB) Computer data measure 1,024 bytes of information.

kilohertz (kHz) A unit of frequency equal to 1,000 Hz.

kinescope recording Recording a video production by making a motion picture from the screen of a television monitor.

Ku-band A bank of frequencies higher than the C-band used by some satellite transponders.

kukaloris (cookie) A metal pattern used in a special spotlight that's used to project a pattern on a background.

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