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Answer Form

>> These tests have several security options, plus some safeguards against a trial and error approach to getting a good score.

  • A security code can be entered in the blank provided. This code can be anything that the instructor can associate with the specific student or class when the test is given.

  • Students are now penalized for guessing and skipping questions. Three points are given for each right answer. However, two points are subtracted from the final score for every wrong answer or skipped question.

  • Several things are included in the printout of the final results: the final score, the date and time the test was taken, and the chapters covered. There is a new "Print" button for this page, which should work with all browsers. (If there is a problem with this, the standard print command for the browser can be used.)

  • We initially included a maximum time function (generally set at 15 minutes), after which each test would go directly to "Evaluate" and not let the student continue. The idea was not to give students time to check back on the text for answers. However, we reconsidered this when it was brought to our attention that some special students might need more time. We'll await feedback from users on this. In the meantime, the instructor has the option of setting a time limit in a classroom or lab.

Instructors can get specific information by sending e-mail to Dr. Whittaker. Be sure to specify the Mass Media tests.

>>These materials are now available on three independent and geographically separated servers.