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>>Some major changes and revisions are noted in the Revisions file.


AnswerTips™ has proven helpful, especially for foreign students. By double-clicking on any word on a page where this logo appears a definition will pop up. This feature requires a live Internet connection and won't appear in with some smart phones and tablet computers that don't use "Java savvy" operating systems.

AnswerTips™ can be further refined and expanded in a number of ways, including definitions in 16 other languages. The options include default, dictionaries, encyclopedias, synonyms and antonyms, and translations. Audio provides the English pronunciation.

As in most of the interactive features on this site, your browser must be able to "do" JavaScript, which most browsers do unless you turn it off. (Go ahead, try it -- double-click on any word on this page.)

The material in these modules has been greatly condensed. This does not mean anything important has been left out, only that verbiage has been eliminated.  If the goal is a full understanding of the subject matter (not to mention success in the interactive tests), the succinct information in these modules can't be given a "once over lightly" treatment.

forum   The forum is meant to be controversial! In my college classroom these letters sparked heated debate -- and a chance for me to insist that comments include facts from credible sources and not just unsupported opinions. Ideas and concepts based on facts is an essential talent for developing a respected role in the mass media where credibility is king!

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Color-Coding Scheme

To try to accommodate a greater range of needs, we've devised a color code for links that will be added over time..

A little yellow square ( -- ) in front of link above indicates background reading. This material is not included on the interactive tests, although it may help in understanding the concepts covered.

A blue square in front of a link ( - ) indicates technical information. This type of information is designed for advanced classes and professionals; and, again, this may or may be required by an instructor. These areas will also be expanded in the future to meet the needs of advanced students.

A red square is reserved for ( - ) external links that have related information. This information is not included on the interactive tests, but an instructor has the option of asking that you read this information. CyberCollege and the InternetCampus have no control over the content or availability of these external links.

And, finally, there are the required reading links marked with a green square ( -- ). These are covered in the interactive tests and puzzles.

Links that are not marked with a colored square are considered self-explanatory.

In summary:

-- = Material included on tests representing a basic understanding of the concepts.

-- = These links add a slightly more advanced understanding and background.

- = Links providing information for advanced students and professionals.

- = External links adding an in-depth understanding and background.

Using the Interactive Tests

The interactive multiple-choice tests provide a comprehensive check on both the modules and the hyperlinked articles.

The text materials and illustrations continue to be updated on a regular basis as new information is published in trades, newspapers, and on the Internet. The date at the top of each module indicates when the material was last updated.

This whole project is considered a collaborative effort. If you find any problems or errors, pleas let us know by clicking the animated link below.

This means that we all have a responsibility to catch errors, make suggestions, and, in general, make sure that these materials become more and more useful to all of us. Just click on the animated suggestion button below.

Basic information on the use of these cybercourses can be found here and here.

These materials are available at:

Always Something New

This cybertext is, and probably always will be, a work in progress. Nothing related to a dynamic, rapidly-changing field like TV production can afford to stand still. Having published texts in the area, I know that the moment they are published, they are in some ways already out of date.

The form of this cybertext has a number of advantages.

  • It's free*
  • It is condensed.  Drawing from many years of professional TV experience, it focuses only on essential concepts.
  • It is updated regularly.  (A revision date is listed at the top of each module.)
  • It's interactive, which makes learning more involving and effective.  
  • It's not hampered by the content and form limitations of commercial publishing.
  • The modules and associated readings include more than 800, full-color illustrations. 

If these materials are used in developing a career in television production, you need to "pay" for the material by at least once producing something to aid people or conditions in the world.

Need some ideas? Consider this.

If you use the cybertext and you don't go into the field professionally, here is the "price."

A textbook of this type would cost at least $50 (probably much more, with all the color illustrations). Assuming that personal time is worth $25 an hour, you should devote at least two hours to doing something positive and totally selfless for some person or agency.

That's it.  The text is paid for, and you should have no guilty conscience.

    (At this point I've received many messages telling me how students have "paid" for the cybertext.  I appreciate these letters...and I assume that many have benefited as a result of these student actions.)

    Ron Whittaker, Ph.D.
    Professor of Broadcasting

Copyright Notice: Although you are free to use the materials directly from the Internet, the English, Spanish and Portuguese modules and illustrations are protected by U.S. and international copyright law and may not be reproduced in any other form.

There have been attempts to modify these materials and use them in other contexts. To protect the continued availability of the materials, I would appreciate your bringing any such violations of copyright to my attention by clicking on the animated link below.

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