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Notes for Instructors

>> Major changes and revisions are noted in the Revisions file. All of the files are currently being revised.  A few grammatical problems have been found and fixed, and some modules, such as the ones on computers and international broadcasting are being extensively revised.

>>These materials are now available at the following independently located U.S. sites:  (Let your students know that if there is a problem with one link, the other one will be available.)

>>Support materials are available by writing the author and providing some evidence that you are an instructor. You need to use a FROM CYBERCOLLEGE subject line and specify the Mass Media modules.


The AnswerTips™ feature has proven helpful, especially to foreign students. By double-clicking on any word on a page where this logo appears a definition will pop up. This feature requires a recent Windows or Mac browser and live Internet connection. This feature will not work with some smart phones and tablet computers that don't use one of the standard operating systems..

AnswerTips™ can be further Lawn laptoprefined and expanded in a number of ways, including definitions in 16 other languages. The options include default, dictionaries, encyclopedias, synonyms and antonyms, and translations. Audio provides the English pronunciation.

As in most of the interactive features on this site, your browser must be able to "do" JavaScript, which most browsers do unless you turn it off. (Go ahead, try it -- double-click on any word on this page.)

Outside Reading Assignments

>> Files in the link, Latest on PCs, Macs, Digital Cameras, Plus, Up-to-the-Minute News and Information, on the main index page for this section page can be assigned to supplement the modules.

Although these outside readings regularly change, if students go to an assigned reading at roughly the same time, there should not be a problem. These readings are a good way to keep classroom learning and discussions as up-to-date as possible.


E-Mailing The Interactive Test Results

" For several years we had a system of being able to automatically grade and send test results directly to instructors.
However, after some sad instances of Internet and other types of failure, including a case where where an entire class lost the results of their tests, we felt it necessary to revert to more secure systems."


There are approaches of sending graded test results to instructors.

Mac users you can use Safari and go to File, and Mail Contents of this Page, and then fill in the instructor's e-mail address. Students can add their own e-mail address so they will have a record of the results.

Windows users that have the new Internet Explorer 7 browser have a similar option. Go to FILE, and SEND, and FILE BY E-MAIL. If this doesn't work, another option is simply to copy the contents of the results page and paste it into an e-mail to the instructor.

Because e-mail programs and differ, this procedure should be checked at your facility before alerting students to the option. (Windows may have "issues" with this.)

It is also possible in Windows to copy to send the results page of the interactive tests to e-mail to instructors with the Ctl.A, Ctl.C and Ctl.V sequence in Windows, or a comparable sequence on Apple computers.  However, keep in mind that by using some of these techniques, it may be possible to edit the results before they are sent.

Probably the most secure method (which doesn't actually involve e-mail) is to have students in a computer classroom print out the test results page using the print function on the page or in the browser. By including a security code given to the class or to individual students and checking the time on the printout, the instructor can be reasonable sure that the results are valid. (The security code can be any unique set of letters or numbers.) This method also gives the instructor a written record of all of the test scores.

~~We are all in this together. This means that you are encouraged to recommend needed changes. We'll all benefit from your input. (And we definitely appreciate the many suggestions we've gotten.)

forum   The forum is meant to be controversial! In my college classroom these letters sparked heated debate -- and a chance for me to insist that comments include facts from credible sources and not just unsupported opinions. Ideas and concepts based on facts is an essential talent for developing a respected role in the mass media where credibility is king!

Animation Issue

  ~~Some firewalls, such as ZoneAlarm, shut off animated images. This will affect some images on this site. (The dove on the left should be flying-although not necessarily getting anywhere.) In ZoneAlarm animation can be restored by going to Privacy, Ad blocking, Custom, and uncheck the box animation. Other firewalls and browsers have similar options.

~~In order to see some of the interactive features of the course Java or JavaScript must be turned on in your browser. Sometimes this is turned off by default.


Yellow , Blue, Red, and Green Readings

~~To try to accommodate a greater range of needs, we've devised a color code for links. 

A green square ( - ) in front of a link indicates information that's important to what is being discussed. This information is covered in the interactive tests and puzzles.

A little yellow square ( - ) in front of links indicates background reading. This material is not included on the interactive tests.

A blue square ( - ) indicates technical information. This type of information is designed for advanced classes and professionals, and, again, this may or may be required by your instructor.

A red square ( - ) indicates external links that have related information. This information is not included on the interactive tests, but your instructor has the option of asking that you read this information. CyberCollege and the InternetCampus have no control over the content or availability of these external links. 

Links that are not marked with a colored square are considered self-explanatory. As an instructor it will be up to you to assign whichever linked readings you deem appropriate beyond those associated with the green squares (which are covered on the interactive tests)..

Always Something New

~~These cybertexts are, and probably always will be, a work in progress. Nothing related to a dynamic, rapidly changing field like mass communications can afford to stand still. Having published texts in the area, I know that the moment they are published, they are in some ways already out of date.

The form of this cybertext has a number of advantages.

* Although this text is free, there's one string attached.

If these materials are used in developing a career in television production, students need to "pay" for the material by at least once producing something to aid people or conditions in the world.

Need some ideas? Consider this.

If a student uses the cybertext and doesn't go into the field professionally, here is the "price."

A textbook of this type would cost at least $50 (probably much more, if it had 800 or so color illustrations). Assuming that personal time is worth $25 an hour, the student should devote at least two hours to doing something positive and totally selfless for some person or agency.

That's it.  The text is paid for, and there should be no guilty conscience for using it.

At this point I've received many messages telling me how students have "paid" for the cybertext.  I appreciate these letters...and I assume that many have benefited as a result of these student actions.

Copyright Notice: Although you are free to use the materials directly from the Internet, the English, Spanish and Portuguese modules and illustrations are protected by U.S. and international copyright law and may not be reproduced in any other form.

The rationale for the copyright limitations is explained here and here.

To print them out for distribution, or to reproduce them in any other form (except for a single personal copy) is a violation of copyright and will violate our legal agreements allowing for the continued use of the materials.

There have been attempts to modify these materials and use them in other contexts. To protect the continued availability of the materials I would appreciate your bringing any such violations of copyright to my attention.

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