We Never Went to the Moon!

The other night while momentarily watching a TV evangelist I was surprised to find out that we never went to the moon at all.

It was all faked.

Billions of people around the world have been cleverly deceived by a fiendish U.S. plot!

fog_moon.jpgThis guy displayed a series of photos and explained how each one was faked in a Hollywood film studio.

Sometimes I wonder about the price we pay for our freedom of speech.

I didn't stay around too long listening to this drivel, but I did wonder just how many people were believing this lunatic.

After all, he was on TV and he was a religious leader.

Sometimes I also wonder about the price we pay for our freedom of religion.

In case you think this guy lives in some tree all by himself someplace, you need to know that he has quite a few followers.

And the whole thing started the very day man walked on the moon.

In the week that our TV sets had wall-to-wall coverage of the moon walk and the newspapers had "second coming" headlines two inches high (MAN WALKS ON MOON!), one preacher here told his congregation, "It was all faked."

How did he know?


"If God had intended man to be on the moon, He would have put him there in the first place."

So I guess he thought the Russians (who lost their much-touted space superiority at this point)...

...and with all of their sophisticated spying technology...

...would simply let us get away with such a hoax.

The problem with such things as freedom of speech and freedom of religion is that...

...it assumes people have higher IQ's than cantaloupes.