"Alternative Facts"

The Influence of

Fake News Stories

" It is impossible to tell how much influence the fake US news stories or the ones that originated in Russia had on the election. "


The 2016 Presidential election set a record for news items that were pure fiction but were widely believed and distributed.

Some were created by US businessmen because they generated profits. These fake news reports (later called "alternative facts") were pro-Trump and strongly anti-Clinton.

Of course there is no such thing as "alternative facts," it was a term made up to explain formation that didn't confirm to truth.

These fake news stories were widely believed because the originators took great effort in disguising them as legitimate news.

In a seven minute audio file National Public Radio reported an in-depth investigation on fake news and found that almost all were pro-Trump and anti-Clinton.

It is impossible to tell how much influence the false news  stories had on the election, but when some voters were questioned, the purely erroneous assertions were often repeated as a way of explaining why they voted as they did.  

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