Updated:  04/22/2013

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Enough Already!!!

You're always bashing Fox News. A lot of people feel Fox is the only news source that tells it like it is -- fair and balanced, and the whole truth, without the liberal bias of the mainstream media.

You constantly cite The New York Times, which everyone knows a left-wing publication. Why not cite Fox News?

 Fox news does an impressive job of covering news and we do cite it when it uncovers important facts that are relevant to our discussions. 

As far as The New York Times being "left wing," that's in the eye of the beholder. However, we note that the circulation of the NYT has reportedly grown more than 70% recently, due mainly to on-line paid subscriptions.

Even so, Fox News has held a commanding lead in cable news ratings for some time, while CNN (a target for conservatives) keeps sinking.

You might want to think about Fox News and the whole truth. 

I'll cite just two major, front-page examples from the past few days.

First, Keep in mind that Rupert Murdoch, who is the owner of Fox News and numerous other media outlets, is probably the most notable media baron of this era. 

After a lengthy and detailed government investigation into illegal newsgathering activities in England, the investigating committee concluded that Rupert Murdock was unfit to operate a media company.

It was a major story and it was on the front page of every major U.S. Internet news outlet the next morning -- except for Fox News where I could find no mention of it. You may have heard that a number of people in his company appear to be on their way to jail over the associated scandal. 

A few days later another revelation hit the front pages of major news outlets. Dr. Robert L. Spitzer, considered by to be the father of modern psychiatry, admitted that he had been wrong about homosexuality being a curable affliction -- a premise that many anti-homosexuality, religious-right groups championed.

Dr. Spitzer reportedly reexamined his conclusions, said he had been wrong, and apologized to homosexuals for the injustice he had done to them. Again, I could find no mention of it at Fox News.

On the other side of politics, we recently pointed out that teachers' unions, a major contributor to the Democratic party -- maybe the major contributor -- stand in the way of desperately needed change in education.

We try to stick to verifiable facts in everything we publish. If a factual error slips though, we hear about it -- and correct it.  

In your letter claiming bias you cite no factual errors on the site. 

Let me suggest our article on bias, which addresses many of your points.


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