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First, if there is a temporary problem with one site, you can go to the other site, which has all of the same files. The sites (servers), themselves, are located in different parts of the United States, so even a regional Internet problem with one should not affect the other.  However, we would like to know about any ongoing problems.

Second, we encourage you to write about issues with content: errors of any kind, suggested updates, pages that have gotten scrambled in uploads, broken links, or whatever. If you are writing about a problem on one of the sites, please specify which site and which file or module.

Finally, if you are an instructor you should know that there are extensive teaching aids available for the TV Production course, including answers to the interactive quizzes, additional test questions, and student certificates for satisfactory course completion. There are also test answers available for questions in the Mass Media course.

Please specify which course you are interested in when you write.

To have access to teaching materials you will need to verify that you are an instructor. This is generally done by providing a link to your school that includes your name and e-mail address (the one you use to write us).

>>The two sites where these materials are available are: and

>>The following e-mail address is encoded in JavaScript to thwart Internet spam e-mail address harvesters. (A major problem!) As with many of the interactive features on the site, this will not work if your browser has the default JavaScript feature turned off.  Just click on the following link.   The address and subject line should be automatic.

In case there is a JavaScript problem, we'll put this another way ronw    ["at" symbol]   ymail   .com (without the spaces).

In any case, FROM CYBERCOLLEGE is the required subject of the e-mail, otherwise spam filtering will divert your message.

NOTE: We've just been informed that the above email address has been hacked by advertisers and links to advertising are being sent out in our name. Do not click on the links -- they are not from us or any reputable source. For safety in this matter we do not save your email address and for now you can use the above email address for correspondence.

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