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>>These crossword puzzles reflect the most recent updates in the modules and associated readings. Most of the words represent key terms. The definitions are similar to what is used in the text, so if you get stuck, you can search on some of the words used.

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Modules 7 - 8Modules 9 - 10Modules 11 - 12
13 - 15 not available Modules 16 - 17Modules 18 - 21
Modules 22 - 23Modules 24 - 25Modules 26 - 28
Modules 29 - 30Modules 31 - 35Modules 36 - 37
Module 38Modules 39 - 41Modules 42 - 44
Modules 45 - 47Modules 48 - 50Modules 51 - 55
Modules 56 - 58Modules 59 - 60Modules 61 - 63

>>At the top of each puzzle page there is the time and date the puzzle was done, plus the total time taken to complete it. The completed puzzle can be printed out and given to an instructor to fulfill an assignment.

Please see discussion on using the interactive testing, the crossword puzzles, and the world squares in a classroom situation.

These puzzles, and many of the features at this site, require Java. Recent versions of the Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers have Java capability. Both browsers are free.

 CROSSWORD INSTRUCTIONS: By clicking on the one of the numbers in the crossword grid, a clue on the right will be highlighted. Type in the term defined. Don't type spaces or hyphens between words. If the term remains when you click on the "Check" button, it is correct; if letters are erased, it means that those letters are wrong. Use the up and down arrow keys to change direction. The "Clear" button erases all entered data. When the puzzle is finished correctly the message, "Congratulations, you correctly completed the puzzle!, "should appear on the screen.

Please report any problems.

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