Composition Examples - I


The following illustrations demonstrate some additional concepts in composition. (Many of these are well-known paintings that art students will immediately recognize.)


As you examine works of art (and good video and film composition) you frequently find that artists (and videographers and directors of photography) follow the rule of thirds.


The rule of thirds also lends itself to interesting composition effects.



wpe5.jpgNote that this famous painting has an embedded pattern that leads the eye through the painting.




This painting illustrates two concepts: the strength of having three prime objects in a scene, and the unity associated with the  triangular (geometric) pattern that is created.





Color can be effective in drawing the eye to the center of interest.



A director "directs attention," and one of the most powerful ways of directing attention is through lighting




Because of their size and innate dominance, the figures in the foreground on the right and at the bottom of the frame could pull attention away from the figures in the center.  However, since the eye is initially drawn to bright areas in a scene, we tend to initially look past these figures to the woman and child in the center.


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