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Using This Site As a Reference

We've been asked how this site should be referenced in research papers. Here's an accepted form (assuming your teacher doesn't recommend another approach).

Whittaker, Ron. Television Production. 2013. 25 May 2013 <>.

The first date above (2013) is the date of the publication (generally shown with a revision date at the top right side of the page), and second date is the date you accessed the page.  The specific page should be changed from "tvp012.htm" to the one you see indicated in your browser.

In some cases there will be other authors, of course, such as "Frederick Horne."  You may also be using our sister site, (Don't worry about the "com" or "org" at the end, the material is the same.)

In the case of the Forum, unless a writer is listed -- and most are anonymous -- it's best not to cite a anonymous letter as a reference -- not even "a usually reliable source," or "a high-ranking official."  (Inside joke!)

The references can be in the form of footnotes at the bottom of your page, with either an asterisk for a single footnote on the page or superscript numbers ( 1, 2, etc.) for multiple footnotes. These can also be in the form of endnotes with corresponding sequential numbers listed on a separate page at the end of your paper. To be safe you might want to check what with your instructor for his or her preference.

Any sequence of words (a dozen or two) taken directly from a source must be referenced or else you can be cited for plagiarism, which in many schools will automatically result in a failing grade.

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