Dr. C. Lee comments on our porn article


Porn, A Second Look

" Our recent article on the effects of pornography caught the attention of Dr. Cherry Lee(1), who has done research in this area. The following is her succinct summary."


By Cherry Lee, Ph.D.

Although it is widely assumed that pornography is harmful, trying to prove it based on solid science(2) rather than through religious views or opinionated pseudo-science, has been impossible.

Even so, as we will see, there are some negative effects of pornography.

Is Porn Addictive?

Because we have long been shielded from explicit sexuality in our culture and have tried to repress this basic urge, suddenly confronting it can create something of an "adrenaline high." Like all "highs," this can be addictive.

Anything that becomes an addiction and threatens takes over your life represents a problem -- a problem that needs to be kept within boundaries. 

" To a great extent the multi-billion dollar porn industry owes its success to religion."


It is no coincidence that the most conservative, bible-belt states view the most porn.  According to a Harvard study, Utah, with it's strong Mormon anti-porn efforts, has ended up having highest rate of porn consumption in the country.

This has been explained in terms of repression creates obsession. If that is true, religion, in a sense, has been a cause rather than a cure.

Those who have not been made to believe they must feel guilty about viewing sexual imagery find that the attraction soon passes and for the most part they simply lose interest in it.

The Negative Effects of Porn

This repression has created negative effects.

For one thing, among Judeo-Christian cultures it has inadvertently associated what should be a wholesome, loving, act with sin and immorality. The reason has had more to do with maintaining religious self interests(3) than sin.

Even without scientific proof, over the centuries these views have, in a sense, been absorbed into our collective consciousness.

" Fundamentalist religions originally tolerated sex only as a means of procreation and never to be enjoyed."


In fact, women who enjoyed sex were deemed of questionable morality or even whores and not respectable wife material. Thus, this trait diminished through enculturation and even selective procreation.

There is nothing inherently wrong with sex(4) except anti-sex efforts have debased and sullied it and attempted to push it into the margins of society.

Today, pornography is accessible with a few mouse clicks, and for many young people it fills a sex information vacuum and has become a new standard for sexual behavior, as distorted as that may be.


(1) Dr. "Lee," now retired, formerly published widely in this area under the pseudonym, Dr. Cherry Lee.

(2) This was covered in our original article.

(3) Originally, Jewish tribes restricted sex because women were deemed the property of the husbands, plus they wanted to retain the "purity" of the Jewish race.  Later, Catholics attempted to restrict sex to keep control of priest-held church property. This was also seen as reducing problems with jealousy and possessiveness in a male dominated society. These prohibitions were codified and passed down by an all-male priestcraft.

(4) In other writings Dr. Lee emphases it must be safe sex and limited to freely-consenting adults.

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