" I hope you don't just ignore this; I think you owe us an explanation."

"Show a Little Backbone,

Follow Your Own Advice!"

(Rewritten from email)

Our teacher was making a point about the value of education and she mentioned that Mississippi has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country and New York has the lowest.

Even though both states have about the same minority percentages, she said that conservative religious factions in Mississippi oppose talking about birth control in schools. That results in tens of thousands of unwanted babies, messed up lives, and one of the highest poverty rates in the U.S.

Then she mentioned that your site used to have teen dating articles, but you removed them when some people complained that they mentioned birth control.

In the chapters on news you say to stick to the truth, regardless. I'm disappointed that you've shown that you don't follow your own advice and you don't have any backbone.

I hope you don't ignore this; I think you owe us an explanation.

You have most of the story right, but not all.

The people you mention had the CyberCollege / InternetCampus sites blocked by "net nanny" type software that a lot of schools use. This meant that the TV Production and Mass Media courses and the associated readings that many classes depend on were blocked.

Even when they weren't, one teacher wrote to complain that he had to walk around behind students in class to make sure they weren't reading the teen material. (It briefly mentioned birth control and the prevention of sexual diseases -- major problems among young people in the U.S. but not nearly as much in countries that allow sex education.)

Maybe we shouldn't have backed down, but we thought keeping some widely used materials available took precedence.

We tired to appeal to logic and facts in this matter and that didn't work. Maybe you are right; we just don't have the backbone to step into that fiasco again.

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